Announcing ALE Bathtub IX – The Jaccuzi Edition

The next ALE Bathtub was initially scheduled for … 11th of March, 9:00 – 11:00 PM CET. We had do deal with some organizational issues, so we had to postpone for about 5 weeks and will announce the new date asap! However, we still try to run it in th special format, so we can call it the “Jacuzzi Edition”.

It has been a while since the last ALE Bathtub, which provided some great insights into how different companies, methods and organizations work from different angles to get the way we do business changed. We care about this, because we hear the call for change from everywhere. Our environments change at every increasing speed. And corresponding to Dr. Edwards Deming many quotes, we don’t have to move, because survival is optional.

Change is one of the most urgent and most challenging topics we face. While in theory the need for change seems logical for an individual, it becomes even more challenging to pursue, as soon as we enter the level of organizations and societies. On the other side we see methods struggling with resistance. And we see hot debates, which approach might be the right one.

So for the next ALE Bathtub we settled the theme: “CHANGE BEYOND METHODS”.
And we have two great guests on board, whose current work contributes much to this – Dan Mezick and Mike Burrows. In order to foster a broad participation by various people, we want to make it more interactive, hence the “Jaccuzi Edition”. So this ALE Bathtub will not only be listening, but involve many for an interactive dialogue on the topic (an approach we learnt much about with a sister platform, the ALE Hangoutformerly known as xALEc).

More about our guests

Dan is a management consultant, author and keynote speaker. He is the formulator of Open Agile Adoption, a technique for creating rapid and lasting enterprise agility. He is the author of THE CULTURE GAME, a book describing sixteen patterns of group behavior that help make any team smarter. The book is based on five years of experience coaching 119 Agile teams across 25 different organizations. Daniel’s client list includes Zappos Insights, CIGNA, SEIMENS Healthcare, Harvard University and many smaller enterprises. Learn more about Dan’s work at

Mike is well known in the Kanban community as an experienced practitioner, communicator and teacher, and for some notable contributions to the way Kanban is understood, taught and applied worldwide. He is a member of the management board of LKU’s Accredited Kanban Training (AKT) program and on the advisory board of its Kanban Coaching Professional (KCP) program. Mikes works focuses very much on the humane side, on leaderrship and value-driven aspects of organizations.  He currently works on his new book “Kanban from the Inside”, to be expected for this year. Read more about Mike’s work at

For now this was a first announcement. We’ll come back to you very soon. This event is definitely hot. Please stay tuned for the definite event date.

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ALE Bathtub VIII – Conference Program

Here is the program of our next bathtub conference taking place online on 2nd of July 2013, 9:00PM CEST.


Anders Ivarson

Scaling agile from small startup through rapid growth

In a few years Spotify has grown from a small startup in Sweden to a pretty big company with more than 40 engineering teams in four different development offices on two different continents. And we have no intention of slowing down. Such rapid growth carries big challenges. How can we continue to improve our product at great speed, while growing the number of users, employees and supported platforms and devices? How do we stay lean and agile when we grow from a small startup to a big corporation? In this talk I will present how Spotify is addressing these challenges. I will talk about autonomy as a guiding principle, and how we have structured ourselves to support autonomy and create alignment throughout the organization.

Anders is working as Agile Coach at Spotify since 2011. As such, his goal is to grow high-performing teams and to help them continuously improve and find better ways of working. He also strives to support the organization to improve and adapt to changes. Anders has written articles and presented at several conferences.

Frank Janisch

Scaling Scrum - What Big Players can Learn from Startups

When big players start introducing agile & lean, this is often seen as an software development issue. The huge potential to adapt an organisation to gain speed, efficiency, flexibility and fun is left unused for all sorts of reasons.  Time to consider a different approach to scale Scrum – decouple your organisation instead of introducing complexity.

Frank has been in software development for over 15 years in a variety of roles from developer to CTO. Working with Scrum for more than five years, Frank had the opportunity to understand and help with agile transitions on different organisational levels. Today, Frank is working for bor!s gloger consulting, sharing his experience and knowledge with teams and organisations on their way to agile.

Werner Moser

Systemic Coaching and Agile Teams

Systemic coaching is becoming a useful technique to employ when coaching agile teams.  In this informative presentation Werner will explain what systemic coaching is; how it connects with agile coaching and how it can be explained with the “Kieler Beratungs Model”.  He will then conclude by giving an example of systemic coaching in the context of a retrospective.

Werner is a “veteran” with 35 years experience in the software industry.  He started out as a software engineer; he is a published author on C programming; he became a senior manager of large software development teams; and in the last few years has focused predominantly on agile and systemic coaching.  He now works as a freelance coach and consultant in Austria and Germany

Lisette Sutherland

Today is a good day to work… with Happy Melly

When we are happy at work, we are more motivated to engage and contribute. Happy Melly believes that a business is a community of people working together for a shared purpose and creating value – and it’s best to grow it like that. We want you to join us, and help grow healthy, adaptive organizations that are more like communities, so that we can increase happiness at work and do great things together.

Lisette is a specialist in creating online collaborative communities with over 10 years experience with web-based collaboration tools. Lisette’s goal is to get the best people working together to solve problems regardless of location. From strategy design to setup to ongoing maintenance, Lisette ensures that organizations involve, engage, and enchant their memberships and customers with thriving online communities.

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ALE Bathtub VIII – Save the Date for July 2nd 2013

The next ALE Bathtub Conference is on its way. Just A few weeks before the ALE 2013 Unconference, taking place in Bucharest this year (, we are bringing you the next Agile & Lean shower directly to your home.
Tue 2nd of July, 9:00pm – 11pm CEST.

We will definitely use the chance inbetween to chat a few words about ALE2013. But in the middle of interest will be again 4 inspiring speakers and their talks. Our current agenda outline is:

  1. Lisette Sutherland (@lightling), board member of Happy Melly will talk about this amazing new type of business network
  2. Frank Janisch (@fjanisch) will outline “What big companies can learn from Startups”
  3. Slots 3 and 4 TBD (coming soon; we are sorry, but Olaf Lewitz had to postpone his talk at short notice for one of the next bathtubs)

So, save the date and stay tuned. Further news and registration to appear pretty soon.

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Webinar recordings of ALE Bathtub VII

The webinar recordings of ALE Bathtub VII are on YouTube.

Watch the playlist:

or go directly to

Michael Brausam – What do you know about your team? Reflect your values.
Gitte Klitgaard Hansen – Courage, glitter and smile pusher – my approach to agile coaching
Marc Löffler – Evolution of Retrospectives
Zuzi Sochova – Agile Adoption Stories: Building Agile Organization

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ALE Bathtub VII Conference Program

Here it is … the Conference program for ALE Bathtub VII:

Michael Brausam

What do you know about your team? Reflect your values.

Do you know situations where the team spirit and/or quality of results were decreasing?
This might have been complex situations and maybe it took a lot of time to fix it. But did it change on a long term?
I suggest an easy to use way with all team members to get and stay in a continuous improvement loop…


Gitte Klitgaard Hansen

Courage, glitter and smile pusher – my approach to agile coaching

We all have different styles of doing agile coaching; and to me there it not “THE one way” – we each have to find our own. For me to be the best coach that I can be, I have to be me. I have found my way and will talk about this – with examples of what i do.


Marc Löffler

Evolution of Retrospectives

There are a lot of teams out there who started their transition to agile/lean quite a while ago. Most of them did some great steps in the right direction. But after the first view month, after all of the low hanging fruits were harvested, most of the teams struggle with establishing a valuable and sustaining kaizen culture. They struggle, because they are leaving their small environment and want to change the system around them. However, if they are not able to do this, the company culture won’t change and there won’t be a lasting agile/lean transition. This talk will give you some ideas and tools on how to overcome these systemic challenges and establish a real kaizen culture.


Zuzi Sochova

Agile Adoption Stories: Building Agile Organization

Agile starts to be very popular in many companies these days. Surprisingly it’s not just about individual practices, agile adoption process will change your company culture as well. That could be extremely hard in some cases. The bigger organization is, the more difficult is to get everyone involved. The more challenging is to even imagine the final end result. The roles of business, managers, developers and testers are moving, and before you start it’s good to understand that.
Agile can give you incredible power, it can skyrocket the success, increase efficiency, flexibility, motivation, communication, and customer satisfaction. Depending on your company situation, the reasons may differ. Despite of that, there are some better ways how to start agile, and some which you better avoid. Come to hear the Agile Adoption Stories.

Date and Time: See you on Tuesday 26th of March at 9:00pm – 11:00pm CET.

The registration link:
Here you can register for the conference.

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ALE Bathtub VII will be on Tu 26. March 2013

The date is fixed and again we have great speakers, who will share their thoughts for the 7th edition of ALEBathtub with us:

  • Michael Brausam
    will talk about “What do you know about your team? Reflect your values.”
  • Gitte Klitgaard
    will talk about “Courage, glitter and smile pusher – my approach to agile coaching”
  • Marc Löffler
    will talk about “Evolution of Retrospectives”
  • Zuzi Sochova
    will talk about “Agile Adoption Stories: Building Agile Organization”

As usual the event will be available online via gotomeeting – at no cost, but for a maximum of 100 participants.

Date and Time: See you on Tuesday 26th of March at 9:00pm – 11:00pm CET.

The registration link:
Here you can register for the conference.

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ALEBathtub VII preparation started

Preparation of ALEBathtub VII has started! The organizers of ALEBathtub VI (@christophpater, @OldAgile, @haaslab) do it again.

    • We are planning to hold the ALEBathtub conference on Tuesday March 26 2013 21:00-23:00 CET.
      • Currently we are looking for speakers.
      • And we are looking for a new team of organizers for ALEBathtub VIII.

      So, if you want to get involved, contact us!

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      Webinar recordings from ALEbathtub VI

      Enjoy the recordings and slides from ALEbathtub VI.


      Mary Poppendieck – The Lean Mindset
      Corinna Baldauf – How to handle support in Scrum
      Ralf Kruse – How to develop an agile game, or story of creating the Kanban Pizza Game
      Torbjörn Gyllebring – Rationality, Reciprocity & Respect for people


      Mary Poppendieck — The Lean Mindset
      Corinna Baldauf – How to handle support in Scrum
      Ralf Kruse – How to develop an agile game, or story of creating the Kanban Pizza Game
      Torbjörn Gyllebring – Rationality, Reciprocity & Respect for people

      Map with attendee locations:

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      Registration for ALE Bathtub VI is open!

      The registration for ALE Bathtub VI is open!

      Please register for ALEBathtub VI on Nov 27, 2012 9:00 PM CET at:

      The 6th ALE Bathtub Conference.

      After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

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      ALEBathtub VI is a GO!

      The upcoming ALEBathtub conference is on Tuesday November 27 2012, 21:00 – 23:00 CET (Berlin)

      Again we have four awesome speakers who will share their ideas with us online. Details on how to register and access for online recordings will follow soon.

      Mary Poppendieck – The Lean Mindset

      The Little Engine that Could is a child’s book about a tiny engine trying to haul a trainload of toys over a very big mountain. Larger engines have been asked for help, but hauling toys is beneath their dignity. So the little engine agrees to try, and as it chugs up the mountain saying to itself “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…” readers wonder if it will get to the top. This little engine has the Lean Mindset. It welcomes challenge and is not afraid to fail. It’s the kind of mindset that keeps athletes training for years in order to compete in the Olympics; that encourages musicians to practice for hours each day. Athletes and musicians know that if you do not make mistakes when you practice, you aren’t improving. Yet in our companies, we expect perfection; we have no systems that encourage people to stretch beyond the limits of success and learn through failure. We do not look for leaders who are still learning – we look instead for leaders who are done learning – and we get what we deserve. The Lean Mindset brings a sense of adventure and experimentation and learning to our work. It encourages us to hire little engines that can rather than big engines that can’t. It values improvement – which means we aren’t yet perfect; it values exploration – rather than executing the wrong plan; it welcomes failure – because failure means we have raised our game to the next level.

      Mary Poppendieck ( started her career as a process control programmer, moved on to manage the IT department of a manufacturing plant, and then ended up in product development, where she was both product manager and department manager.  After Mary left the corporate world in 1998, she found herself managing a government software project where she first encountered the word “waterfall.” When Mary compared her experience in successful software and product development to the prevailing opinions about how to manage software projects, she decided the time had come for a new paradigm.  She wrote the award-winning book “Lean Software Development” to explain how the lean principles from manufacturing offer a better approach to software development.  Over the past several years, Mary has found retirement elusive as she lectures, teaches classes, and writes books with her husband Tom.  They are co-authors of three books and a fourth is on the way. A popular writer and speaker, Mary continues to bring fresh perspectives to the world of software development.

      Corinna Baldauf – How to handle support in Scrum

      In an ideal world a Scrum team can work undisturbed for the stretch of a
      sprint. In the real world most Scrum teams have to support existing applications:
      react to incidents, fix bugs and offer 3rd level support. Corinna is going to present several methods to handle these
      requests. Each method aims to minimize interruptions while still satisfying
      legitimate requests and keeping the peace :)

      Corinna Baldauf ( spent 2 years as a Scrum / Kanban master, delving into agile, lean, systems thinking and communication. She just became an (agile) project manager. She’s got a background in usability, UX and web development.

      Ralf Kruse – How to develop an agile game, or the story of creating the Kanban Pizza Game

      Games become more and more important to help people understand the underlying mindset. They help us try new things and experiment in a safe environment. The question is: what makes a good agile game and how to develop one? Before we developed the game I only knew some models about how to develop them, but it was still mostly an abstract concept for me. In this session I want to tell the story of how we developed the Kanban Pizza Game.

      Ralf Kruse ( is a guy from Hamburg with his sleeves up that does his job with unmatched energy and focus. You will not hear him bragging about successes, but his customers do this for him. With his energetic and playful attitude and downright honesty, he becomes a valuable companion. Besides his MSc in informatics, he is certified as CSM, CSPO, CSP. You can also hear him lecture about agile at the university. When he works for you, he illuminates the darkest corners of your room and although what comes up is typically not the nicest stuff, he is there for you to help you clean it up.

      Torbjörn Gyllebring – Rationality, Reciprocity & Respect for people

      Rationality, seemingly the hallmark of management
      often urges us to act professionally, be logical and act with reason.
      But is that respectful? And does it even make sense given what we
      know about human behavior? Let’s take a whirlwind tour and explore
      old wisdom, new research & human behavior as it relates to Lean & Agile.

      Torbjörn ( is a developer turned development manager on a journey to figure out how to build productive, pleasant & respectful work places. He wanders between communities searching & spreading ideas on how to reduce the waste of human potential and thinks out loud as @drunkcod on Twitter. Where he’s more than happy to talk about Rightshifting, Kanban, Software Craftsmanship, Lean, Agile or the art of being human.





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